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Child Support

When a couple applies for divorce in Singapore, the court will also look towards the welfare of any children in the marriage. The courts hold that it is the responsibility of the parent to maintain, or at least to contribute towards the maintenance of any children after a divorce is finalised, regardless of whether the […]

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Resolving the CPF issue in a Divorce

One of the main areas of contention in a divorce proceeding is the division of matrimonial assets. Typically for most couples, they would have jointly used their funds from their CPF contributions in purchasing their matrimonial homes. In a divorce proceeding where both parties have agreed to sell their matrimonial home, the CPF funds that […]

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Hearing for Ancillary Matters

Many think that once the Court passes judgement on their divorce case, that is the end of the matter. In fact, that is far from the truth. In most divorce cases, there is still property to be divided; there may be child custody issues to resolve; there are maintenance matters that need to be ascertained […]

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All About Matrimonial Assets

Matrimonial Assets Matrimonial Asset is defined as the asset which is owned by one or both of the parties who are married to each other. When either party applies for a divorce, these assets are then subjected to division by order of the Court. Division of assets can spiral into an explosive situation as both […]

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