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Not a phrase you ever imagined yourself uttering at any point in your life, we are sure.

After all, we are confident that the day you said “I do”, you expected that union to be “till death do us part”. Sometimes though, Life throws out a curveball. That “happily ever after” hits a road bump. A road bump called infidelity.

The Betrayal

private investigatorInfidelity is a difficult thing to accept when you’re the one on the receiving end of that nasty situation.

Cheating. Extramarital affair. Adultery. Infidelity.

Whatever you want to call it, it means the same thing. Betrayal and hurt.

The sanctity of your vows, of your home, has been sullied.

Sometimes though, you are just not quite sure if you, in fact, are a victim of infidelity. You have your suspicions… there are signs… but you are just not quite sure. And that, sometimes, is even worse. It can be crippling. You’re in a limbo, not knowing what to do. You can’t think, you can’t focus, you can’t work. What do you do? Do you take action? How do you move forward?

You want answers. You want confirmation. You NEED the truth!

Then the worst happens. You discover the truth. Your spouse IS, indeed, cheating on you.

I CANNOT hire a Private Investigator – the inhibiting factors

Giving your spouse a second chance

At this point, you would think that a person in this situation would automatically think of engaging a professional private investigator.  Most, though, faced with this horrendous situation, decide to talk to their spouse. That would be what most couples do – talk about their issues. However, in cases of infidelity, talking to a cheating spouse often results in more subterfuge, more lies, rather than bringing the truth to light.

Fear and shame

Even in the throes of anger, confusion, feeling deceived, some still refrain from seeking professional help. Why? Mainly because they’re embarrassed by the situation they find themselves in. They berate themselves for having been so blindly trusting, or for not listening to that niggling little voice telling them that something is just not right. They feel shame (how could this have happened to me?) and they fear other people finding out – their families, their friends, their neighbours! And especially in a place like Singapore; small, intimate, everyone privy to your affairs.

Going it on your own

The need to know, though, can be a very powerful motivator. What! How! Why! And this is where some get it into their heads that they’ll do the investigating on their own. No one will ever be the wiser and it won’t cost a cent. Trying to find things out on your own, though, presents some challenges. Where do you start? Where do you look? How are you to query your spouse’s friends and family without raising suspicions, or to hide hints of trouble in paradise?

Why hire a Private Investigator singapore

Private detectives are qualified, experienced professionals expert in the field of searching for information. They are trained to be discreet whilst carrying out their surveillance tasks. And as professionals, there is no personal attachment so they are not distracted or overwhelmed by emotions.


This objective, detached manner in which private investigators carry out their work is extremely vital and beneficial to their clients. Most people become emotionally overwrought faced with their spouse’s cheating and find it difficult to NOT confront their spouse before they find the full extent of their betrayal. And this can seriously derail your case, should you decide to proceed with legal procedures. You need to be strategic and focused, and hiring a private investigator can really help your case.


They are licensed to engage in surveillance. They have the tools of the trade. They know what is allowed and not under the law so they are able to advise you on how you can utilise the information they have gathered for you. Their findings are legally acceptable and you can submit these as reliable evidence in court to fight your case. These can be crucial determiners in a divorce case, even more so if child custody becomes a thorny issue, or if you need to press your errant spouse for alimony.

Peace of mind

We do understand that it is not an easy decision to hire a private investigator. It can be very difficult and emotionally exhausting, as it signifies quite strongly, that the end of your marriage is looming and that you may be facing a possibly unpleasant legal battle. Hiring a professionally trained private investigator is a step towards putting your fears at ease, fortifying yourself with reliable answers and information, and in that process preparing yourself and empowering yourself.