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SgDivorceHelp.com is The Inforectory on Divorce Matters in Singapore. We are an independent portal which allows public free access to information on divorce matters and provide a listing of professional divorce lawyers at your disposal.

Ending a marriage is often complicated. As such, We understand you might be going through a stressful and difficult period in your life.  Our approach is to help you be Prepared, be Informed and be Empowered to take steps that best suits you.

From our directory listing of law firms in Singapore, it grants you access to a pool of law firms with experience in divorce and divorce related matters to choose from. You can take the guesswork out of deciding and engage the best suited legal advisor to simplify your divorce proceeding.


Divorce Lawyer Singapore

The end of a marriage can herald a number of stressful events that can take their toll on everyone involved. Reality can be confusing since the life that you had expected to achieve has suddenly been changed and replaced with an uncertain future.

When major stress has entered your life, it can be quite difficult to logically make all of the sound decisions that you will need to. This is why those in this situation understand the immediate need to consult with an experienced professional divorce lawyer who has the ability to look at your situation from an objective point of view and ensure that the best options and decisions will be evaluated with regards to you and your children’s future.

However, it can be a daunting affair when it comes to selecting your choice for legal representation. So, what should you do? How do you proceed? How do you find a divorce lawyer Singapore?

What to look for in a good divorce lawyer in Singapore

Paying close attention – A lawyer may have seen many divorce cases over time, but your life is the one being discussed. That means your questions and expectations must be taken into consideration. This is why a good divorce lawyer should make it a point to be there for you whenever you need him/her.

Experience with the complexity of divorce laws – Due to the complexities of divorce laws, it requires on-going education and years of practical experience in order to fully comprehend them. This is especially true when changes are constantly being made. A good divorce lawyer Singapore ensures he/she stays on top of any recent Singapore family law changes.

Family law experience – A divorce lawyer with extensive experience in family law cases gives you the necessary knowledge when it comes to protecting your interest.

What to expect from a divorce lawyer

Financial Settlement Negotiation

  • An unfair settlement can undo the years that you have spent creating your financial security.
  • Whether you are engaged in a contested or uncontested divorce in Singapore, an experienced divorce lawyer Singapore can determine an equitable settlement that will allow you to continue building your future.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the law and accept a poorly arranged settlement on your part, you may find yourself unable to recover from that financial mistake.

Protecting Assets

  • Consider all of the assets that will be divided to both individuals during a settlement (matrimonial home, land holdings, stocks & shares, vehicles, retirement funding, etc).
  • We understand that you and your children should have the things that you deserve from your hard work oven an extended period of time. Walking away with nothing is something that we certainly don’t want to happen to you in this most difficult of times.
  • A common scenario can include the desire to just “walk away” from everything that reminds you of your former life. This can (and often does) turn out to be a critical error that is often regretted.

Child Custody Agreements

  • This is arguably the most emotional aspect of any divorce proceedings. Not only do children need to be cared for, but proper time spent with both parents needs to be considered. The decisions for matters such as visitation and maintenance need to be fair to both parties.
  • It’s imperative that children are NOT used by unprincipled attorneys as pawns in a chess match. Our goal is to have both parties reach an equitable agreement without ignoring the trauma that the children are facing.

Don’t let a divorce settlement destroy your peace of mind

At Sgdivorcehelp.com, we understand you are undergoing a stressful life event. Our pool of featured lawyers have the experience and trained objectivity to take on your case successfully. Leave your divorce proceedings to these legal professionals to ensure you receive the just settlement you deserve. Don’t go through this tumultuous battle alone.

When you obtain the best divorce lawyer in Singaporeyou are assured to acquire legal expertise needed to secure financial stability in this unfortunate life-changing predicament. Sgdivorcehelp.com is here to help you minimise the uncertainties. From our directory of lawyers, you can shortlist in the most effective and efficient way, the best divorce lawyer in Singapore to represent you.



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