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Enforcing Child Maintenance

During the course of divorce proceedings, the Court would also have ordered a parent to be responsible for child maintenance should there be children involved. The order, however, is sometimes ignored by the payer. In such cases of non compliance then, a maintenance order is issued. There are various options where such maintenance can be […]

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Enforced Counselling and Mediation

Couples filing for divorce with children below 21 years of age are obligated to go for counselling and mediation at Child Focused Resolution Centres (CFRC). Child Focused Resolution Centre The Child Focused Resolution Centre was established as an early forum for divorcing parents to discuss their children’s care management issues in a conciliatory manner. Such […]

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All About Matrimonial Assets

Matrimonial Assets Matrimonial Asset is defined as the asset which is owned by one or both of the parties who are married to each other. When either party applies for a divorce, these assets are then subjected to division by order of the Court. Division of assets can spiral into an explosive situation as both […]

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