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How To File For Divorce in Singapore

These days, a lot of married couples are inquiring as to how to walk away their unhappy marriage, which is rather unfortunate. However, the answer to the question, “How to divorce in Singapore” can be found by simply going to the Internet and performing a search. There are tons of articles available on this topic.

If both members of the marriage have agreed that divorce is imminent, then usually they would want to get legal advice from a qualified divorce lawyer. This can afford a number of different advantages related not only to correct legal procedure, to any settlements involved, but also to know if the couple meets with the grounds for divorce in Singapore.

how to file for divorce in singaporeThe actual things that need to be expected when filing for a divorce will boil down to documents needed, correct divorce procedures and cost of divorce in Singapore .

Thus, the Plaintiff (the one actually filing for the divorce) will need to secure and complete the following documents:

  • Writ of Divorce
  • Statement of Particulars
  • Statement of Claim

These will then be filed in Family Court. Each filing also has an associated fee assessed to them. This is generally the main reason why those who are filing for divorce obtain the services of a divorce lawyer even in cases where the divorce is uncontested. This eliminates a lot of time consuming aggravation on the part of the Plaintiff.

However, if the divorce is contested, a whole new set of details become involved and a divorce lawyer will definitely need to be secured.

Since both individuals in the divorce must completely understand all of the items involved, it is suggested that the services of the best divorce lawyer in Singapore are sought. The professional will also help you with any legal documents that are needed and also outline available alternatives and you don’t have to go about finding out how to file for divorce in Singapore yourself. A good divorce lawyer, for many, is really the first step when filing for divorce. This can preclude misunderstandings that can come about from any legal jargon that can be found online. This is the reason why engaging professional legal advice and services is essential for ensuring the proceedings progress as smoothly as possible.



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